3.3V CAN transceiver instead of 5v?

I was wondering if anyone has researched using 3.3V CAN transceiver instead of 5v? I saves the 5V regulator (around $1.5 in BOM).

I ended up using sn65hvd233 from TI. any experience with sn65hvd233?


@mehrdad would be cool to see how you did that with a schematic. I recall you need the 5V regulator to power the Particle boards. Is that the 5V regulator you are referring to?

I just used the 3.3V power supply since this chip does not require a 5V supply. I don’t think Particle outputs a 5V line. I wanted to avoid an extra power regulator. The schematic is fairly straightforward from the datasheet:

I used split termination with two 60 ohm resistors.

I have not tested the board yet, as I am having a prototype built. Will keep you posted on the end result.