Can't get GPS Data

Hi ,

I am trying to get the GPS data without success :

GPS 4599 chars: 0.000000 0.000000 00/00/2000 00:00:00
GPS 4662 chars: 0.000000 0.000000 00/00/2000 00:00:00

Some times i got the timestamp Infos but never the lat and lgt infos .

How can i resolve this issue ?

Thanks in advance .


Update : I read all the message about GPS issue and i try to leave the the Carloop up with a clear connection to the sky for 4 hours and i got the same results .

Thanks in advance for your help .

Hey @nabilblk,
We ran some tests with the GPS units and we’ve gotten disparate results. Not sure why some units are easier to get a fix than others. We are considering testing them ahead of time and sorting them based on “fix performance” but have not taken that step yet.

Were you able to successfully get a fix after a longer time than 4 hours?

until now , and after multiple tests (I leave the carloop 1 night . (> 12h)) i never get GPS coordinate .

The only data that i receive is Timestamp in about 10min to 15min .


Maybe we can send you a replacement GPS of tested good one. Are you trying this with somewhat clear skies for the fix?

That will be great if you are suspecting somethings in the GPS receiver or the cable .
Yes i test with a clear connection to the sky .