Car Hax Meetup Projects

This topic is the specifically related to the Car Hax Meetup it’s a forum to discuss progress on current Car Hacking projects. Feel free to add any project proposals you’d like to work on and :thumbsup: the ones you’d like to join.

Presentation at Car Hax meetup in Berkeley:

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Our next Car Hax Meetup is on September, 14 at in SF.
@sahilpotnis and @parin.dedhia you mentioned you might be able to bring a Honda ECU and an instrument cluster from a junkyard? If you do, please ask the junkyard you are buying it from to leave a pigtail connector (see next paragraph). You can go to and search for the ECU and Instrument Cluster (dashboard) of your exact Honda and they’ll pull the part and ship it to you. It would be very good to test this and we can help you build your test stand.

Make sure you specifically request that they leave 6 to 8 inches of “pigtail wiring harness” on both the ECU and instrument cluster so it comes with the connectors and wires. Thanks guys!!

Also, make sure you order a 12V power supply. I highly recommend this one but any 12V power supply will work.

Thanks @alanm for announcing the next Meetup. I am not sure as of now whether we will be able to get the ECU and an instrument cluster, we will keep you posted on it.

Also, it would be very helpful to know our agenda on Sep 14th if you have planned anything with other participating members. See you!


Hi @alanm, you mentioned that there is space for 1 car in the next meet up. I would be excited to bring in my Honda Civic and we could do a real time demo of hacking on it. Please let me know what you think about it. I would be more than happy to have it in the meet up.


Very cool! I’m waiting to hear from the folks if there will be space to roll your car in.


@parin.dedhia . What do you think?

We couldn’t get a car directly into the space, but we have glass double doors that open onto a driveway, where you could pull the car right up to the doors. Would that work? pic shows a parallel parked car but we can drive up to the doors too

@alanm Sounds like a plan. Pulling the car right up to the doors might block the pedestrian pathway, can we double confirm with if thats okay? Apart from that, I will be getting my particle photon, cables, a macbook pro and the car.

We can pull it mostly up and leave some of the sidewalk open!

Great, see you there.

hey all,
just wanted to introduce myself quickly. i am the founder of Root Ventures, and we are BEYOND excited to host this event. In addition to being the earliest and lead investors in, I am a huge car hacking nut. I was an early member of mp3car, and hacktheibus. My first “adult” car was promptly torn down to hold a custom in-dash PC that had serial access to the ibus (bmw). I am super excited to learn about benchtop hacking, since mine always was precariously done in the garage.
see you all next week!

ps. @kane from is a car nut too. but he’s into obscure cars. like old japanese suvs. god bless his soul.

@avidan it is a great pleasure and honor having you in our community! Thanks for hosting our next meetup!

Avidan’s right! My dad drove FJ40’s in the deserts of Kuwait, and I grew up in redneck NY working on my friends’ rusty old Broncos and Challengers. I’m a CS nerd though, and excited to learn about the intersection of the two. Looking forward to next week.

Hi @alanm @parin.dedhia

I can bring in my manual MR2, if we need a smaller and mechanically simpler car to work on.


Thanks Ian! What year is the MR2? Does it have the CAN bus exposed on pins 6 and 14 of the OBD-II port?

Definitely bring it but come early so we can check if it will work.

It’s 2002. It should have CAN bus bridged out over OBDII. I will check it when I get chance.