CarLoop 3D Printed Enclosure now available

I’ve had my CarLoop for a couple days but the first thing I wanted to do was get an enclosure around it and my Particle Photon. I sat down and designed one in Fusion 360 and made the STL files available on Thingiverse for printing. So anyone with a 3D printer can make a case in about 1.5 hours of printing.

I designed the case to be a SnapFit case which means there are no screws. I also left a plug hole exposed to connect a USB cable to the Particle Photon. I placed a 3MM hole just above the Particle Photon’s Status LED so you can see the status. You can also cut a small piece of 3mm Clear or Translucent filament and place it in the hole and it acts like a light pipe showing the status a little more vividly.

This is simply my first iteration. Might tweak it for an antenna or if I decide to get a GPS, I’ll make a deeper case. I’ll be sure to share any alterations here.

Link to download on Thingiverse is here → CarLoop and Particle Photon Enclosure

Have fun and happy printing!

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Looks nice!

I am assuming in general having a port for an antenna or the JST cable for the GPS might be more useful than the larger case, or maybe do both variations.

I just ordered the GPS unit today. Going to work on a case design for that once I get it. I already have a second version with a button that allows resetting of the particle photon.

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Please do! Would really love to have a case that also fits the GPS!


I just finished the rough resize. Firing up the printer now. I’ll post the end result in a couple hours.

CarLoop Particle Photon & GPS Enclosure is now up at Thingiverse.

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