CarLoop Capabilities for old cars?

I was looking into getting the carloop basic but was wondering what some cool and general capabilities it has for old cars and by old I mean around 2003, I have a Acura TL-S 2003 so I want to know what I can do with it? I liked the custom gauge cluster a lot is that possible if I were to buy a different gauge cluster? And the general capabilities

That model uses K-line ISO9141-2, it lacks the ability for CAN communication.

Oh okay. So what are this models capabilities versus the capabilities of the one that can communicate through CAN?

Stay tuned, but be patient. I am working on a design for carloopRetro, which I hope will successfully implement K-Line… see the other threads on here.

@alexanderbowen, I think SinusoidDelta was referring to model of car (your Acura) that uses ISO9141-2. (Just like my 2003 Impreza uses ISO9141-2)

Oh I see so does that make the carloop unusable since it can’t communicate with the CAN bus or what other options do I have?

@alexanderbowen Carloop only communicates via the CAN bus on pins 6 and 14 of the OBD-II port. Your car has a different physical layer on the OBD-II port and it won’t be able to communicate. Hope this clarifies things.

Can CarLoop communicate with a 2004 Mazda RX-8 please?

If you look up a 2004 Mazda RX-8 in various guides, the answer is maybe…

60% of Mazdas in that year were CAN.
40% were still ISO 9141-2.

So, the only way to know for sure is to try it, such as asking someone with a scan tool to scan your car and see what protocol it connects with …

From a quick google search it looks like the the S1/S2 Rx-8 instrument cluster and interior are CAN bus. There are a few threads on the rx8club forums. There’s also a community project called rxduino. Perhaps you could find some of the specific identifiers there. Hopefully that helps!

There are some ISO-9141 interfaces available but none I’m aware have the connectivity features of carloop.

Hondata is a popular aftermarket reflashing/datalogging tool for Acuras and Hondas but is used for engine tuning, not interior electronics. For the older OBD1 Hondas there is an ECU mod called Chrome. Both interface through a USB/serial connection.

Openport 2.0 is a popular, open source tool for flashing/datalogging in the Subaru community and a few others. Again, it’s main use is for engine tuning and remapping. It’s a very powerful interface capable of several protocols such as 9141(K-Line) and CAN. It communicates to a PC through USB and would require custom coding for unique applications.

Thank you all for the help! Now I can’t wait for Massdrop to deliver!