Carloop hitch wiring

I just received my hitch and I’m assuming how can I wire the hitch and just want to validate with you guys if that is correct:

The hitch has 2 (green) connectors with High and Low each of them. I just need to conect any of (H/L) them to my OBD adapter? or it is a spacial wiring that I have to do ?



It is just a simple matter of connecting the H & L lines to your CANbus.
The easy location to connect to the main CANbus is at the OBD adapter. However, that is exactly what the regular Carloop was designed for.

The beauty of the CAN hitch is that you can wire it into other CANbus that may be on your car.
For example, most modern Jeeps have a secondary CANbus that has no adapter port; people have discovered they can hook into it through the wiring behind the car radio. CAN hitch is perfect for this scenario. This gets access to a whole lot of communications that never show up at the OBD adapter.

Have fun hitching up!

Great. Actually I’m just waiting for the Carloop adapter, but the hitch just arrived earlier (I dont know why was sent separately).