Carloop is Open Hardware

The Carloop device is open hardware. All schematics, circuit board layouts and bill of materials are available for free on GitHub.

See our hardware repository for more information: GitHub - carloop/hardware: OBD-II CAN adapter for Particle Electron, Photon, and RedBear Duo

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It’s in Carloop’s DNA!

Any software on Linux should support Socket-CAN interfaces.

Hi @jvanier, I am thinking of making particle-can-v3.1 board from oshpark. Is it a complete working version? Are there any software changes for that version?

Yes, it is complete and working! The bill of materials is good too.

The angled OBD connector will be hard to get. If you go ahead with the build I can sell and ship you a connector. Let me know!

@jvanier that would be great. I will buy the angled OBD connector from you. Let me know how to pay for it.

Sure thing. I’m on vacation right right now. I’ll set this up next week when I’m back.