Carloop just bluetooth?

is there just an option for just bluetooth? or would I have to get the redbear duo

Nope no bluetooth. The bluetooth modules are very wonky I’m all about GSM now

No, there is no option for just Bluetooth. You would have to get the Redbear Duo to use bluetooth with carloop. However, when you write your firmware, you can choose a manual-type mode that does not use the WiFi … a bit more expensive than Bluetooth only but it should function just fine.

If all you want is an OBDII reader tool, then there are lots of blutooth dongles out there that do the job. If you want to do something beyond just that, then carloop is the best option, in my opinion.

im ordering the carloop and redbear duo. I want to try and decode my 2014 charger PID’s I want to swap out the cluster and also the shifter for a newer model and maybe even be able to add some features like the device that was around for a bit called “avidcode” I have been on a hunt trying to replicate the features they had in their device which were amazing. I have some .bin files from one of the devices and man the list of features are impressive! I hope to do something like that. I’ve made an Arduino and can bus shield and got it working but the carloop looks so much easier to use.