Carloop & Older Vehicles

As someone with a good amount of programming experience, but never before involved in the iot world, I really like what i’ve been able to do with particle and carloop.

One thing I would love to have is the ability to read older protocols. I’m trying to get data from an 05 Dodge Grand Caravan, but sadly, I can’t do that with Carloop.

I know cars moving forward will use CAN, but there are a lot older cars and heavy duty trucks out there that do not.

What are the chances of getting an ELM327 chip onto carloop 3.0? That would be fantastic! As it stands right now, I don’t think I can use carloop in my use case. Please correct me if I’m wrong!


Just read your post from this spring. I just bought Carloop, then found out it won’t work on my 2 cars (pre 2008 and no CAN).
Have you had any success?
What would Carloop need to read this older data?

Sorry I am most familiar with the mechanical side of the car than the computer side so be patient with me.



Carloop does only CANbus. It comes down to a hardware protocol issue.

There is work on doing a version nicknamed “Carloop Retro” to handle K-Line (ISO 9141, KWP2000 & KWP fast init). However, the work on this is ongoing. It uses a different transceiver chip in the circuit board and the code is going to be timing-sensitive.

Other hardware protocols need someone to take on those projects.

One thing you should do is check out which protocols your cars actually use.
There is a good list here: