Carloop on Gitter?

Is anyone else using gitter? it would be good to get the discussion going on there if anyone else is interested?

Personally I prefer the forum format because not everybody is on the same time zone. Have you had a good experience using Gitter?

Yeah, i really like gitter, its like a realtime forum, works really well across time-zones too but a little less “clunky” to post. I have 4 or 5 really active groups in there (mainly meteor, node js related things). I personally tend to find that topics are more conversations than just posts. The other big advantage is the integration with github. I really like your forum here, which im guessing is Discourse? Just wondered if anyone else was on gitter also.

That’s an interesting thought. I prefer the Discourse format better to post links and projects (with pics) that might not be 100% related to one of our Github repos.

Having said that, it might be useful as we try to build data dictionaries or discuss very specific commits related to a repo.

We have a Carloop lobby but it’s empty since most people ask questions here. I would vote to keep the conversation here since you’ll get the most exposure. I’m open, though.