CarloopDemo fails Verify step

I ordered a Carloop Basic today and while I wait for it to arrive I figured I’d start playing around with writing a program in’s Web IDE. I am following the instructions in the “Create your first Carloop app” tutorial. I included the carloop library and copied and pasted the code from the tutorial. When I use the “Verify” icon I get this error:

/workspace/lib/carloop/src/carloop.h:21:38: error: 'CAN_D1_D2' was not declared in this scope
 static constexpr auto CAN_PINS = CAN_D1_D2;

The version on the included library shows to be 1.1.0.

Do you have a device claimed to your Particle account? If not I think the Web IDE defaults to compiling for the Core which is an older device without CAN support.

It will work fine after you claim your Photon that comes with Carloop Basic.

Ok, thanks. My device shipped today so I’ll just wait 'till it’s in my hands to continue.