GPS models supported - Can I use GPS Receiver - GP-20U7


I recently acquired a carloop device from Maker Faire along with particle kits. I have the “GPS Receiver - GP-20U7” (GPS Module - GP1818MK (56 Channel) - GPS-19166 - SparkFun Electronics) module from sparkfun and wondering if I can use it with carloop.

Any feedback / support on this would be great.


Hey @subbu, welcome!
Yes, you can use the GP-20U7 GPS receiver by cutting its JST-PH connector and connecting it to the second columns of female I2C pins available on Carloop. You will need to check which wires on the GPS correspond to which pins on Carloop (TX, RX, Power, Ground). The one we recommend is GP 735 from Sparkfun. You can connect this one directly to the white connector located in between the two headers. We’ve added an example on how to use it on Carloop’s Github readme file.

Thanks @alanm, I purchased the GP 735 from Sparkfun. I will try that and post here if I have any questions.

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Hi @alanm, I bought my Carloop from Maker faire and do you know if it has the same problem where the GPS connector pins are reversed? I haven’t had a chance to connect the GPS to Carloop yet to test it. Please let me know and I don’t think the suggestion of swapping out the pins in the cable is going to work as they are too small.


Hey @subbu, all Carloops made for Maker Faire have the correct GPS pinout. You should not have any issues. Glad you thought about it!