GPS Troubleshooting

When I very first received my new GPS about a week ago, I was able to get a signal using a very basic sketch. Now, even with the most basic sketch, I can’t seem to get a signal. I’ve stood outside, using a JST cable, GPS facing the sky for 5 minutes and still no signal.

Can someone provide sample code on what I might do to troubleshoot the GPS unit? I’m not convinced it’s working now, but not really sure how to test it.

Taking the JST cable out of the mix, I was able to get it working again. Is the JST cable the only thing the GPS needs to run?

@nickhough, Yes, all you need is the JST cable. My first suggestion is to make sure that the connections are securely plugged in. My second suggestion is to check that the cable is not damaged.

The only things carried by that JST cable are Power (3.3V and GND), Serial data (RX and TX) and a GPS Enable signal.