Heads-up RPM gauge using neopixel sticks


  • Uses Mode 1 PID 0x0c for RPM, should work on most vehicles!
  • Polls and displays faster than my cluster’s RPM gauge!!
  • Brighter Indicators at 1k,2k,3k,4k,5k,6k,7k
  • Needle changes to Magenta when passing SHIFT_POINT_RPM


  • Add a physical brightness trimpot to the setup to control the brightness (Day/Night needs a big difference in output)
  • On/off switch for the OBD-II port so I don’t have to unplug it
  • Make all wires black
  • Mount display possibly using blue tack, and mount it a bit closer to the windshield so it’s also lower on the “heads-up” display.
  • Add a pleasant sounding piezo for the shift point?
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Very nice!!!

I had the same concept in mind for a road rally computer display. Kudos for getting your project done, and again very nicely!

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Whoa @BDub this is amazing!! Nice work!

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