Help Getting Connect RedBear Duo & Carloop

I am having trouble trying to connect the device and register it on particle.

I purchased my car loop at Maker Faire San Mateo, My booth was next to yours and I really liked the idea of the product.

The package was a car loop and a redbear Duo, I’m currently having problems trying to set up the redbear duo and connecting the device. I think that I got it connected to my wireless network, but when I try and access the device the android app crashes and I can’t get onto the device to set up the bluetooth.

I really like the idea of the device and would love to use it. but setting up the device is proving to be a challenge for me

Use the following address in Chrome - then select photon(beta)… its the same as the redbear. The application for redbear in my experience is total crap. The web app mentioned below is super simple to follow. Make sure there are no special characters in your wifi access point.

What about using the socketcan sketch with the RedBear duo via Bluetooth.

egarI004, This worked perfectly!! Thank you I’m all ready to go now.

@egarl004, Glad you got it registered with the Particle cloud. The functions of the cloud are what make the Particle devices and compounds like the RedBear Duo so flexible.

As @dubb45 indicated, you can flash your sketch using Bluetooth.
You should also be able to flash your sketch using WiFi (Over The Air=OTA) or also via USB. Over USB usually uses something called the CLI (Command Line Interface), but I suggest you get the one from RedBear (DuoSetupCLI) and not the Particle CLI.

Be sure to let us know what you do with your Carloop!

I think that’s my problem I used the particle CLI. Appreciate the help.