How to decode OBD-II data using raw CAN messages

A lot of people have asked us what is a good example application for Carloop. We are working on some example apps for sure, but in the meantime, here is a great Wikipedia article that very clearly outlines how to request PIDs from the ECU. It also explains how to read the response and convert them into physical values.

Take a look: OBD-II PIDs - Wikipedia

More great info on this article by Hackaday: CAN Hacking: The In-vehicle Network | Hackaday

Can you give details on how messages are received? I see that most of the apps follow a similar pattern.

Transmit Query
Go into receive loop for 10ms

I noticed that often no answers come back for my queries especially while the car is off. I can ask for HYBRID_BATTERY_REMAINING every 10seconds for 30-45 mins and receive only one response.