Instrument Cluster at a Meetup Event Dec 2016

Hello, I have a several Particle products and just discovered Carloop! I would like to purchase an instrument cluster and was looking for recommendations. Specifically, where can I find the one used or similar to the one used at the Meetup event pictured below?

Also, if I purchase something similar to the below, if I purchase the Pro (, will that be all I need to get started? I have the Particle Photon (Wi-Fi). At some point I will purchase the Particle Electron. Right now Wi-Fi is fine.


Hey @running-raptor!
If you already have a Photon, all you would need to buy is a Carloop: Carloop Particle Adapter for OBD II

We built that dashboard as a showcase for meetups, conferences and Maker Faires. The box has an instrument cluster, Body Control Module and Engine Control module. All components from a 2012 Chevy Cruze. If you go to you can find all components just make sure you ask for a pigtail connector from the junkyard.

Putting it together is not trivial; you’ll need to spend quite a bit of time poring through the wiring diagram and making sure all the ignition, 12V power, and CAN wires are hooked up correctly. Certainly doable but allow yourself ample time.

We can sell a custom dashboard-BCM-ECU kit but they are not cheap, so your best route is to DIY it!

Thank you for the clarification and information!