Is Carloop right for me?

Hello, I’m completely new to the car hacking thing and I’m trying to quickly come up to speed. I’ve had a look around the Carloop site and it seems like a good fit for what I’m trying to do, but I thought I’d post this question before I place an order.

I want to build a programmable CAN-Bus node that can be permanently installed in my car. The first program I want to write has a simple use case: If the key is in the ON or Accessory position, turn on a water pump (that is already on the CAN-Bus). When the key is turned off, turn off the pump.

Is the Carloop Basic the right setup for this? Is that the only piece of hardware needed?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, definitely! Here is an example app that keeps sending a CAN message in a loop: app-simple-transmit/src/app-simple-transmit.cpp at master · carloop/app-simple-transmit · GitHub

OK, this is looking promising. Just a couple more questions…

  1. Can any of the Carloop products handle multiple simultaneous CANBus connections?
  2. Do you upload the programs to the module using a cable or WiFi (for the Carloop Basic)?
  1. Only 1 CAN bus on pins 6 and 14 since Photon only has 1 CAN bus on the STM32 chip.
  2. To flash, you can use the Particle CLI or Over The Air with Particle Build IDE