Lib/carloop/examples/carloop_minimal/carloop_minimal.cpp:12:21: carloop.h: No such file or directory

Hi everyone, I’m new here trying to flash my device (Carloop with Electron) with carloop_minimal.cpp example.

I included the carloop library on the project (carloop.cpp, carloop.h, TinyGPS++.cpp and TinyGPS++.h) but no matter what I do it keeps bringing this error message:

lib/carloop/examples/carloop_minimal/carloop_minimal.cpp:12:21: carloop.h: No such file or directory

Any change that I made to the .ino file doesn’t do anything… it’s always about “carloop_minimal.cpp line 12” and the project is not even called like that, it’s “firstblood.ino”.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks to @Scruffr for addressing the issue here:

Most likely updating the Electron firmware to the latest version and making sure you choose the Electron as the target when you build the firmware will take care of the issue.

The Carloop instructions should be fine, but make sure you follow the latest Electron instructions.


Thanks @cyclin_al1, updating the firmware was the answer. I was using an outdated tutorial.

Good to hear you are up and running!

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