Library documentation and source code

The library to interface with the Carloop is available on GitHub.

I have been adding documentation and example applications. Let me know if anything is unclear. GitHub issues and pull request welcome!

Being a Linux guy, I would like to see SocketCAN support along with a Python 2/3 wrapper. I’ve seen so many low cost hardware interfaces here and there, but nobody comes up with real good software. I want to see an open source version of Vehicle Spy and/or more support in WireShark for OBD2, UDS, ISO-TP, J1939, …

That’s a great feature to have. We talked about SocketCAN at the Car Hax meetup this week.

Do you know what would be needed to add support for Carloop to SocketCAN? Are there examples of other bridges between Linux and an external CAN adapter not connected by a wire to the computer?

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SocketCAN is pretty useful. You can set up a virtual CAN network for simulation purposes. You can run CAN over Ethernet (EtherType 0x88b5). Even tunnel it over UDP.
As for Carloop working with SocketCAN, you’ll have to find out if there is driver support for the chipset you’re using via USB. If there is, you’re in luck.

I agree, the can-utils component is pretty amazing, and specifically cansniffer command. I wonder if we can first try via USB. @nprobert have you tried it yet?

Being a Linux guy, you might be the perfect person to help us figure this one out. This would be really a huge step forward for the project!

Putting myself down for the new carloop then.

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Awesome! the current Carloop is available at our new store: and we have a few left before we receive some more. Would be amazing to see SocketCAN work with Carloop!