Newbie Questions

hello all,

I’m picking up Carloop basic today and I have a couple of questions.

  1. Has anyone made a case for carloop so the electronics are not bare when it’s in the car?
  2. I want Carloop to join my existing network and get an IP via DHCP is this possible or do i have to connect to its wifi ?
  3. can I setup carhop as a web server using websockets? I’d like to write a web-app I can distribute

We’ve played around with some designs but most people seem to want the bare PCB - what is the specific use case? If you can get some people interested on the forum, we can spin something pretty quickly for people to try out.

The easiest way is to connect the Particle Photon to the Particle Cloud via your existing WiFi network - yes this is the easiest way to get started. Which Carloop did you order? Did it come with a Particle Photon? If not, you will need to order one.

Yes! You can use Carloop as a webserver and create a tiny HTML page inside the Photon. See Particle’s Docs on how to create a SoftAP

Assuming you have a Photon (RedbearDuo should be very similar), the normal set up procedure includes connecting to WiFi and then connecting to the Particle cloud. The Photon setup expects your WiFi router to assign the local IP via DHCP.

In the case of the Electron, the connection to the Particle cloud is done over the cellular network, and does not use WiFi.

–question for you: is there any documentation on the message that comes back? I’d like to figure what values are in what array slot.