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What’s the difference between the $35 Carloop + $69 Electron + $40 GPS and the (currently) $150 Carloop Pro? if the Carloop Pro adds additional functionality and/or convenience, the additional $10 is likely worth it. I just wanted to understand the difference prior to purchasing.

If there IS a difference, is the Pro available without an Electron? I’ve already got one.


Hey @Daley,
Absolutely. Happy to clarify. We made the Carloop Pro as a bundled package that we assemble ahead of time and attach the GPS with double sided, aircraft grade tape to the top of Carloop. For some people it might make sense to buy all components separate since they need point the GPS in a different orientation. Does this make sense?

Thanks for the clarification! Order placed, anticipation building :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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