Other OBD protocols apart from CAN

I see that Carloop supports CAN, which is awesome and works on most of the newer cars. I have a 2003 Honda Civic and it uses ISO-9141 OBD protocol. So far I have been using ELM327, but those products become expensive. Does Carloop support (or will support) other OBD protocols like ELM327 does - so basically like an open source version of ELM327?

Thank you.

Yes, Carloop will support CAN protocol that is broadcast on pins CAN-H and CAN-L on the OBD-II (DLC) connector. Your assumption is correct, the combination of Carloop + Particle or Redbear will give you access to all the CAN messages on the bus. The ELM327 integrated circuit (not in Carloop) contains firmware that has a pre-established CAN messages decoder. You can do the same thing with Carloop and write your own software to decode any message on the bus.

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The OBD also has ISO 9141-2 K/L (pins 7, 15) bus and J1850 +/- (pins 2, 10) bus. How about those? Can Carloop read from those yet?

The Photon has only one CAN bus so we’ve matched the CAN bus pins on the Photon to pins 6 and 14 on the DLC (Data Link Connector - more commonly referred to as OBD port). See diagram from our Github repo: https://github.com/carloop/hardware/blob/master/CANdlestick.v2/particle-can-v2.1.pdf

As Alan mentioned Carloop is only wired to use CAN, not ISO 9141 (K-Line) or J1850 (PWM) since those protocols are not in use in cars newer than 2008.