Particle "verify ownership" fails

I was able to claim the Particle Photon on the Carloop, flash test code, fork and modify test code, flash and test. All was going good.

So at first, it worked fine.

Then I took it outside to the car. Duh, of course the wifi doesn’t work outside the house. After a bit of circular issues of trying to get it to work on my phone’s hotspot while using the phone app to connect, it stopped connecting.

Actually, it connects, passes all the connect checklists, but fails on the “verify ownership” part and I get “Oops!”

Note, to reconnect, I have to change ownership (from myself to myself.) I worry this is the core of the issue.

I’ve spent a good deal of time down the rabbit hole to fix this – trying to install particle-cli on a Linux VM (installed can-utils but /dev/ttyACM0 doesn’t appear), trying to install particle-cli on Mac OS X (brew won’t install dfu-util) and generally banging my tiny fists on the keyboard. :slight_smile:

At the top, I’m sure it’s a Particle Cloud ownership issue because I switched owners. But Particle seems to rely on forums to fix their problems and doesn’t have a direct line.

I’m a bit dizzy with a couple days spent trying to get it to work.

Has anyone solved this?

After the fail, it breathes green. This is supposed to indicate failed wifi, but the wifi is good (I’m writing on it now) and that part of the checklist succeeded.

As mentioned in the parallel Particle community thread that’s not the case.

That indicates that the running code does cut the cloud connection and not failed WiFi!
It actually means good WiFi and successfully connected but no Particle cloud (intentionally or by blocking code depends on the code - as said)

Hey, @Kikiorg welcome!
Were you able to get it working? - Can we change the title to solved?

First, I’m not quite done, since I still don’t see the Carloop from the command line (I think this is because it isn’t connected to anything yet – still no /dev/ttyACM0.) And it was too rainy to carry my computer outside to the car. :slight_smile: Plus, still I can’t connect it to the app without changing ownership (the phone app doesn’t allow it; cancel is the only other option.) And I can’t connect anyway, because it’s connected to my phone’s hotspot from the web, and I have to turn on wifi and turn off hotspot to do that.

And I also wanted to isolate what I did to get it working – there were so many things I tried!

It has been pretty complicated, so I took a little brain break before I retraced my steps. This thread won’t be useful if I don’t verify and then write up better what I did.