Pre-made apps for Carloop

I’ve started publishing some pre-made sample apps to an app directory. This way you can use your Carloop right away and use those apps as a base for your own projects.

Carloop app directory @

Right now the demo apps include a code reader app and the sample code to transmit a CAN messsage. More to come soon!

If you built an app that you’d like to share with other, let me know and I’ll add it to the app directory!


Published my Available PID code last night (thanks for the like), would love to figure out how to make it an app so that it populates available PIDs in the web interface similarly to the request vin app. That way people dont need to lug their computer in the car and monitor the serial port!

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Great idea. I’ll work on creating a web UI from your app and post the steps I took to the community so others can do it too!

I used to flash Code Reader & VIN Reader to my Photon. It did not work; however, I suspect that I need to tweak some things specifically for my 2002 Toyota vehicle.

The Visualize Car Data app is very interesting; however, perhaps if the designer can create a simply flash UI like the others, it would be better for those of us that are a little lazy.

Hey there! Your car being older than 2008 might not have CAN on the OBD-II port. Have you checked this post to see if your car has CAN? Modifying Carloop for ISO 9141-2 - Getting Started - Carloop Community

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@InfinitelyManic, I checked a list of information, and most likely your Toyota uses ISO 9141. There is a very slim chance it uses J1850, but I doubt that. Keep in touch with the other thread; there might be opportunity to work as a team. I have confirmed we will need different hardware than the Carloop, and will need some low-level coding for the microprocessor (I use a Photon).

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I have not formally researched my car’s system; but thanks for the lead.

Yes - I see ISO 14230-4 & ISO 9141-2 for 2002 RAV4 Gas on Cars, Bikes and Trucks Diagnostic Link Connectors (DLC) pinouts diagrams @ However, I am not sure of the reliability of this site.