[Preliminary] Crowdfunding campaign

We are working with Crowd Supply, a crowdfunding site with a focus on open-source projects, to bring the Carloop devkit to production.


As the beginning of the campaign gets nearer we will update this post with more information.

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Any update on this? The link above gives a 404.

We pulled out of the Crowd Supply campaign and we are preparing for Carloop next gen. Any particular requests for Carloop’s next gen?

Specs please, I can see serious effort into making this, but on the store page looking to make an impulse buy I should be able to tell:

There are different Electron models 2G and two 3G, the picture shows a U260 which is Americas/Aus 3G. On the Electron page it says “We offer two types of Electron 3G Kits” but there isn’t a selection. Confirmation?

It seems like the GPS module is the GP-635T, how does it preform deployed under the dash? If not great, then a uFL breakout as well would be nice. A smarter person than I would be able to use the GPS data, and calibrate a magnetometer and then use it for directional information, not sure the value is there for everyone.

A battery to ‘retain the satellite data’ to help with GPS fix times.

Better Carloop library documentation and marketing, I can look at the code and kinda see what it does. Engine error code explanations, RPM, engine temperature etc. example getEngineCoolantTemp();

Would the Asset Tracker I have be able to work? I haven’t looked at what pins are used.

An accelerometer.

An example trip logging project.

For your consideration, thanks!