Searching the OBD command to initiate a DPF regeneration


Need the community help to solve this long lasting mystery I just cant resolve.

I am trying to find the right code to send through Carloop, so I can trigger a DPF regeneration my self. Without the need for a mechanics.
Pajero, 2008, Diesel, 7 seats.

When I get the DPF light on, sometimes I just cant make it in time to clear it by driving.
Then the light starts flashing and the check engine turns on.
At this point I have to go to the mechanics for a computerized triggered DPF regeneration.

The mechanics then just clicks on his OBD computer and triggers the Regeneration.
It takes about an hour of still standing, engine on, high RPM, and the DPF is cleared.
You can see the system he is using here :

  1. The KPI I am monitoring is “Soot loading by summation” -

Any idea ?

– I found the instructions for Toyota, but it doesnt help. (see here -


If your mechanic is friendly enough, maybe the mechanic will allow you to put your Carloop on the CANbus at the same time as the professional tool. You could program the Carloop to listen and capture all the messages.

Once you know all the messages, you could program your Carloop to send the same messages as the professional tool.

The hardest part is probably convincing the mechanic to let you do that.