Turn your Carloop into a remote OBD-II reader

Check out this fantastic application created by @zachary (Particle CTO) that makes it easy to get OBD-II PID data directly into your laptop from your Particle device. If you ever wanted to send OBD requests and get OBD-II data with the Electron or Photon here’s the sample code: carloop-obd-publisher/application.cpp at master · towynlin/carloop-obd-publisher · GitHub

Thanks so much, Zachary. Awesome work moving the ball forward on this!


Nicely done! I’ll add that code to the Carloop library.

Thanks much folks! :bow: Sorry I haven’t had time to contribute more in the last few weeks — I look forward to getting back to it some weekend soon! Also I’ve got a bluz board that I’m going to try with it as well. Anybody tried that yet?


Alan has been using the RedBear Duo (combo Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) for some projects. I haven’t tried the Bluz for Carloop yet. Let us know how that works out.

Work in process, but i have added a Node JS server to this.
Will update the documentation shortly,


I have taken @zachary’s code and added in GitHub - rickkas7/localserver: Sample node.js server for communicating with a Particle photon

Im working on decoding the PIDS at the moment and can hopefully get a simple nodeJS dashboard app running shortly.


Are there any codes to look at?
I’d also like to use WiFi plus Bluetooth with my newly acquired Carloop (once I get my Renault Espace to start with it inserted).

I don’t have anything I can post yet, but basically I was using the BT “chat” functionality to send serial
messages from its CAN bus. I can dig that up if your interested.

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That would be nice!
Would this code be compatible wite Particle IDEs or would I need the Arduino IDE for that?

I think I used Arduino IDE for that, but will need to find time to dig into that (answering from mobile)

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Hey @ScruffR, I dug into it and realized I had used sample code from Redbear Github repo to test functionality. This was 4 months ago, so I’m piecing it together in my brain ;). I did use the Arduino IDE and was recommended to try this example by Redbar Duo support: STM32-Arduino/arduino/libraries/RedBear_Duo/examples/03.BLE/SimpleChat/SimpleChat.ino at master · redbear/STM32-Arduino · GitHub

The ‘SimpleChat’ is able to send serial messages from the Redbear Duo (connected to Carloop reading CAN messages) to your phone via bluetooth. Theoretically it should send CAN messages to your phone. Let me know what you find!


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were you able to setup a carloop bluetooth example. I have a redbear duo and would like to use it over bluetooth instead of usb.

I am also trying to use the Arduino IDE. Is there a carloop library that needs to be added in order to develop for it?


I have not tried the Carloop with the Arduino IDE. The Arduino IDE should work if you are using a RedbearDuo. The Arduino IDE in theory is not going to work for a Photon or Electron; I did not test this but it is my understanding.

I recommend using one of the Particle tools, either ParticleBuild (on the cloud) or ParticleDev (installed on your computer). There is a Carloop library written for the Particle environment and it makes your development work so much easier; that is what sets Carloop apart from other similar automotive tools.

You could port the particle Carloop library over to Arduino, and that will be a big project in itself.