Unable To Flash Any Carloop Sample Apps To Device

I just purchased a Carloop device with the Particle Electron. Setup went just fine, and I’m able to see the device in on Particle with no issues. For some reason, however, I have not been successful in flashing ANY of the Carloop sample apps to my device. Every time I try, I’m met with the same error message, which is as follows:

Start flashing...
Error during flash.
lib/carloop/examples/carloop_minimal/carloop_minimal.cpp:12:21: fatal error: carloop.h: No such file or 
directory #include "carloop.h" ^ compilation terminated. make[1]: *** [../build/target/user/platform-
10lib/carloop/examples/carloop_minimal/carloop_minimal.o] Error 1 make: *** [user] Error 2

Someone please help! Thank you.

I might be wrong but you have to add the carloop library to the sketch. search for carloop and then “include in project” and add it to the one your working on.

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@jamesthall90, Did dubb45’s advice get you going?

If not, there might be a couple of things to try out.

The error message you are seeing indicates that there is a code error and the compiler cannot create the firmware. Once you have firmware, then flashing it to the device is the final step.

Are you using ParticleBuild (on the web) or ParticleDev (installed on your computer)? The method to include a library can be slightly different in each.

Hi, guys!

Yes, dubb45’s advice solved my issue, however I had to manually download the source code for the Carloop library and add it to the program. I’m not sure why “Include in Project” wouldn’t work, but adding the files themselves cleared up the issue.

For reference, I attempted to do so on both ParticleBuild and ParticleDev.

Thank you both for your help!!
Also, I’m not entirely sure how to mark this issue as [SOLVED], but if someone can provide insight, I will gladly do so~

@jamesthall90, good to hear you got it going.

You should be able to add the library in with no problems on either.
If you want to figure out how it should work, check out https://community.particle.io.