Visualize all OBDII data in Blynk

Hello again!

Just finished creating a step-by-step procedure on for connecting your car and visualizing all available OBDII data with Blynk. Hope you all find it useful.

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can’t seem to import the project into the carloop community… ill research how to get that working later.

Fantastic write up! If you’d like I can include the link to your Hackster post in with proper attribution.

Totally fine with me! Sounds great!

It’s there now :slight_smile:

Nice… Looking good :slight_smile:

I’m very late to this party - nice job. One quick question - I see the inclusion of the Base85.h file but I don’t see it used anywhere. What am I missing?


The Base85 is being used somewhere to encode some binary data into a text format.
The Particle.Publish() and similar commands only work for data in Integer or String types.
Once the data is encoded into a text format, then it can be sent as a String.