What do you think of our new website?

We are trying out a new website to test whether people like it or not. What could be improved? https://www.carloop.io/

A lot better than the old one. My suggestion is to add ‘docs’ and ‘tutorials/examples’ as well as ‘project shares’ sections to your website.

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thanks for the feedback!

@Izeroman, we’ve added some documentation on the website to get the ball rolling. We are using a platform called readme.io that allows anyone to edit documentation. See: carloop.io

Also, we’ve added a brand new store at store.carloop.io => a work in progress but really curious what you think of these new additions.

Great starting point for the docs! As far as the store, would you consider adding some sort of nice plastic case for the Carloop? Right now I’m using some cheap Chinese ELM case to fit the whole thing. Looks pretty ugly :wink:

re: case, I’m with you on that one => coming sooner than you think!

Would be great to get some feedback (and help :nerd:) on the docs. Where did you get stuck at the beginning? How can Getting Started with Carloop be better explained? The more contributors we can help get started, the higher number of CAN IDs we’ll have mapped to physical values. That’s the goal!