What's best Option Carloop pro or buy items separately

Hi all ,

I am building a prototype and i am wordering what’s the best option :

  • Buying the carloop pro
  • buying items (Carloop + carloop GPS , electron dev kits)

Thanks for your advices.

The pro is put together very well. I went straight with the pro instead of trying to piece things together myself. At least initially, there’s a lot of yanking the device out and putting it back in so was glad that it is built very sturdy.

You get exactly the same parts either way, given the two options you provided. In that case, it depends on cost, which is shipping and comparing with your local supplier. For example, I live in Canada and the cheapest way for me is to order carloop from a shop in Toronto and a Photon (different from your configuration) from a shop in Ottawa, instead of ordering from the US.