Can i start a car engine with car loop?

Hello everyone
can you please tell me if i can start a car engine with a carloop?
also what are the features that i can get from the carloop?


What car do you have?

i have a Hyundai accent 2001, manual gear

i ask this to know if it is applicable to do… because i’m thinking in building a project to start a car engine remotely using plug and play devices… without needing to cut wires etc etc etc

I am interested in doing the same. Car; BMW 535 2016. Advice appreciated.

Hey @mld and @FRR, we’ve never tried this before, but it really depends on what is available on the CAN bus network of your car. In other words, if the command to crank and start the engine is present in the bus, then you will be able to send that message without cutting any wires.

I have experience with a Hyundai Sonata 2006 and that does not have that CAN message present from what I could tell.

Re: BMW 535 2016 - I’m surprised remote start doesn’t come stock! It is far more likely that the CAN message is there to send a remote vehicle start is there. The question now is, can you see that message being broadcast on pins 6 and 14 on the OBD-II port. Most likely it is on a different CAN bus. Maybe you get luck and it is connected to those 2 pins, but you should certainly check.

Here is an example of an aftermarket remote car starter module that you will need to install if your car didn’t come with a similar module from the factory: