Honda Pilot 2011 Connection Issues

Just wanted to bring this up to everyone’s attention and maybe you all have an idea of either whats going on or how to fix it.

A friend’s 2011 Honda Pilot will not establish a connection with the carloop to read any pid information. Ive tried two programs, one is a pid printer I’ve written myself, and the other is a code reader. I’ve tested comms with an alternate obd tool and it seemed to work (simple error code tester)

Any thoughts on hondas obd connection, maybe bit rate is off?

On our 2012 Odyssey I have had problems where it feels like the Carloop is connected but it is not. Try pushing it on a little harder. It is something with the Honda OBD connector as I have not had this problem on other cars.

Another thing to try is the speed of the CAN bus. It’s possible that instead of the standard 500 kbit/s the 2011 Honda Pilot uses 250 kbit/s.


thanks. ill give that a shot and report my findings

AFAIK all Honda vehicles use High and Low CAN speeds of 500kbps and 125kbps respectively.