Non-Standard PIDs

I’m at a bit of a loss to how I’m suppose to query these pids.

Description                      Display            PID           Min       Max       Scale       Unit       Equation
HV Battery state of charge       SoC                224801        0.0        100.0     x1          %           ((((A*256)+B)*(1/5))/100)
HV Battery temperature           HV Temp            224800        0.0        150.0     x1          DegF     ((A*18)-580)/100
HV Battery current in Amps       HV Amps            22480b       -200        200       x1          Amps     ((((Signed(A)*256)+B)/5)/10)*-1
HV Battery Voltage               HV Volts           22480d        0.0        400.0     x1          Volts       (((A*256)+B)/100)
Temperature inside car           Inside Temp        22dd04        0.0        160.0     x1          DegF     ((A*18)-400)/10

Since you have the PIDs and the equations to interpret the data, check out an example on how to do the standard PIDs with the source code for the Code Reader Sample app: